Hello Dragonslayers. Did you go to homecoming? If not, I’ll tell you all about it in this article.

This year’s homecoming was celebrated in Stucki Farms, a cute yellow building with a minigolf and a swimming pool, located relatively close to the school. The inside of the farm was large, the walls were white and the decorations were really nice. There was a small ice cream stand with different flavors and toppings. Homecoming started around 6.30PM. There were not lots of people and everyone was dressed very elegantly. I loved people’s outfits! We all voted for the royalty of each grade. Jason and Nora were elected as the royalty for 10th grade. They received small crowns and had pictures taken. The dance ended around 9.30PM. We cleaned the place and left. It was really fun! I want to congratulate the people from the Student Government because they did a really great job. For spirit week we had all sorts of different themes, from Monochromatic Monday to Shrek Wednesday. Of course, we had School Spirit Friday. People’s costumes were amazing. The winners were given a flower, some candy and a diploma. I’m definitely looking forward to the next dance. See you next week! – Alejandra