2020-2021 Educational Programming Choices

Traditional in-person classes experience

If Southern Utah is in the Green Phase of the Governor?s Health plan, your student will be automatically enrolled in an on campus, in person course schedule. The health and wellness of our students is a priority. For more details on our COVID-19 procedures for the 2020-2021 school year, please see our Prevent, Protect, and Connect Plan.

Full Online Courses for the 8th and 9th grades

For 2020-2021, St. George Academy will be offering a full program of digital courses for the 8th and 9th grades. These courses are module based, complete at your own pace, with access to our teachers digitally during the school day via email. Your student?s progress through the program will be monitored by our Director of Digital Studies, who will have an hour set aside on Wednesdays for face-to-face or digital communication.

If this is the optimal option for your student, please sign up below:

Available Online Courses:


Math 8

Geometry Grade 8/9

Secondary Mathematics 1 (Grade 9)

Language Arts & Communications

Writing Foundations: Language Arts 8

Academic Writing: Language Arts 9

Social and Behavioral Science

US History Grade 8

Geography Grade 9

World Cultures Grade 9

World Civilization Grade 10


Science 8

Physics Grade 9

Digital Studies

Digital Literacy Grade 8

Digital Studies Grade 9

Other Courses

Physical Education Grade 8/9

Japanese 1 Grade 8-10

Health Grade 10

Choose Online Classes

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Synchronized Live Classes Experience

Due to the unique challenges of health and wellness for next fall, we are streaming all of our courses live every day. If a student and their family feel that attending classes at home through a streaming service is the best option for their family, then please sign up below for this program. A student enrolled in this option will log in to the course stream during the regular course time, access their course materials via email or canvas, and call in with a personal device to communicate with teachers and peers. This option is flexible and can be utilized for the entire fall semester but can be exchanged for the traditional in class experience at any time.

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If the County Moves To Orange or Red

If Washington County moves to Orange in the Governor?s Utah Leads Together Plan, SGA will need to reduce the number of students on campus at one time. Half of our students will attend on campus on Monday and Tuesday, with the other half attending digitally through our synchronized learning platform. Then the groups will switch for Thursday and Friday. This way, all students will have a chance to connect with their teachers in person at least once a week. Wednesday will be a full digital day for all students, so that teachers can monitor student progress and the school can receive a deep cleaning.

If Washington County moves to Red in the Governor?s Utah Leads Together Plan, SGA will shift all classes to a digital platform for the safety and health of our students and faculty.