Privacy Data

Privacy Data

Saint George Academy is committed to ensuring the privacy, security, and confidentiality of student data while enabling the information to be used to improve student outcomes. Under Utah state law, an education entity that collects and maintains student data is required to inform parents and students about the student data the school collects and how that information will be used, shared, and protected.

The collection, use, and sharing of student data has both benefits and risks. Parents and students should learn about these benefits and risks and make choices regarding student data accordingly. Saint George Academy will put every effort in to recognizing these risks to prevent them from occurring and reducing their potentiality.


Necessary student data includes: name; date of birth; sex; parent contact information; custodial parent information; contact information; a student identification number; local, state, and national assessment results or an exception from taking a local state, or national assessment; courses taken and completed, credit earned, and other transcript information; course grades and grade point average; grade level and expected graduation date or graduation cohort; degree, diploma credential attainment, and other school exit information; attendance and mobility; drop-out date; immunization record or an exception from an immunization record; race; ethnicity; tribal affiliation; remediation efforts; an exception from a vision screening or information collected from a vision screening; information related to the Utah Registry of Autism and Developmental Disabilities; student injury information; a cumulative disciplinary record.

Optional student data includes: information that is related to an Individual Education Plan or needed to provide special needs services; and information that is required for a student to participate in a federal or other education related program St. George Academy shall obtain written consent from a parent prior to collecting such information.

Student data that SGA does not collect include: a student’s social security number, biometric records, or criminal records except as required in Utah Code – 78A-6-112.


SGA uses student data that it collects to inform educational decisions about the student to improve student outcomes.


SGA may not share a student’s personally identifiable student data if the personally identifiable student data is not shared in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Utah Student Data Protection Act.

De-identified data, aggregate data, or anonymized data that could not be used to identify a particular student is not considered personally identifiable and may be released without consent or authorization.


SGA maintains an Information Technology security program The program consists of annual security training, third-party risk assessments, security testing, and audits. SGA systems are monitored regularly to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.

SGA maintains a variety of agency policies that address data and information privacy which are intended to secure all media containing sensitive or confidential data.

If there is a release of a student’s personally identifiable student data due to a significant security breach, SGA shall notify the student, if the student is an adult student, or the student’s parent or legal guardian, if the student is not an adult student.