Current Employment Opportunities

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We have the following positions open for the 2022-2023 academic year:

Instructional Coaching Specialist

Begins Fall 2023 (August)
Full time, salary, benefits

Job description

St. George Academy, a public university preparatory charter high school, is seeking an experienced instructional coach responsible for delivering instructional strategies, professional development, and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) for the SGA faculty team. The position also includes mild administrative duties


Essential Duties Include the Following:

  • Assist teachers by partnering with them to improve teacher and student performance in mathematics, English Language Arts (ELA), and other content areas.
  • Develop a trusting and reflective professional partnership with faculty.
  • Provide regular, on-site classroom based coaching support to each teacher following a coaching cycle including model and demonstration, lessons, and coteaching.
  • Coach and assist teachers with curriculum development, classroom management, instructional strategies, assessment of student performance, and all aspects of professional development in multiple content areas.
  • Develop and facilitate PLCs twice a month using collaboration and reflection practices.
  • Improve teachers’ ability to understand, plan and assess student progress toward meeting standards.
  • Improve teachers’ content, management, and instructional strategies to better address the needs of all students in a positive environment.
  • Support administrators in curriculum and instructional leadership.
  • Develop effective scheduling plans to visit and support each teacher during the year.
  • Participate in orientation and professional development activities for teachers, including training.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in an educational field
  • Instructional Coaching Endorsement or equivalent
  • Minimum of three years teaching experience
  • Valid Utah Teaching License
Candidates must possess ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
Must possess the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students,
staff, parents, and the community.

Special Education Paraprofessional (Part Time)
Position Announcement
Saint George Academy Washington Utah

Begins Immediately
Part TIme

General Summary

St. George Academy is a college preparatory high school located in Washington, Utah. The Academy is seeking to hire a part-time paraprofessional for its awesome Special Education department. Our Special Education paraprofessionals work directly with students requiring enhanced or modified instruction under the direction of a certified teacher. Paraprofessionals generally work in an inclusionary setting, either in the Special Education academic support classroom or in St. George Academy’s general education classes.

Special Education paraprofessionals assist the teacher in general daily classroom activities with all students enrolled under an Individual Education Plan (IEP). In service of the school vision, St George Academy prepares students for the rigor of college; mathematics is a crucial need for our students; therefore, the paraprofessional must have functional high school math skills


  • High school diploma required
  • Two years of college preferred, or
  • An Associate’s (or higher), or
  • A passing score on the Paraprofessional Assessment, or
  • Adequate experience in any educational field
  • Demonstrate active proficiency in secondarylevel mathematics

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assisting students in achieving academic success
  • Working with students who may be disruptive
  • Consultation and collaboration with Special Education and General Education Faculty
  • Administration of and assisting with testing
  • Other duties as assigned

Technology/Robotics Instructor Position

Begins Fall 2023 (August)
Full time, Salary, Full benefits

Job Description

St. George Academyis a public university preparatory charter high schoolthat emphasizes accelerated and rigorous courses in math and science. Our faculty and staff work to ensure that every student’s academic, emotional, and social developmental needs are met.

At this time, we are seeking aqualifiedteacher to developand implementcourses in Robotics and other applicable courses in technology. This position is responsible for creating a classroom environment that develops foundational and advanced robotics aptitude in each student, as well as create interest in robotics teams events.

Essential Duties Include the Following:

  1. Develop instructional coursework for assigned classes following department and State standards and provide consistent instruction throughout the year.
  2. Collaborate with other department members to facilitate consistency in curriculum.
  3. Communicate with parents regarding their children’s academic progress. The gradebook in ASPIRE should be updated at minimum every two weeks. At least six assessments are required to form a student’s final grade for a semester.
  4. Create a positive and safe learning environment for all students.
  5. Develop and maintain student behavioral and academic intervention policies.
  6. Accommodate and modify instruction methodology for all students, including special education students.
  7. Use department, state, and course assessment methods to evaluate whether or not students are meeting state and department targeted skills and proficiently levels.
  8. Maintain accurate attendance for each student.
  9. Assist in planning and implementing school programs andother activities.
  10. Monitor student activities on school premises and ensure safety of every student in the classroom and school facilities, including making sure all students are off the premises after an event.
  11. Attend required SGA PLC, RTI and department meetings and trainings for professional growth.


Bachelor’s degree in technology related field.

Valid Utah Teaching License.

Candidates must possess ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

Must possess the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, staff, parents, and the community.