COVID-19 Response Plan

St. George Academy COVID-19 Response Plan

St. George Academy is dedicated to providing and maintaining a safe environment this fall for all our students, whether they join us on campus or online. In order to facilitate the health and wellness of our students and faculty, we are launching our Prevent, Protect, and Connect program.

Prevent: In the event that our state moves to the green phase of the governor?s health plan, and schools resume in-person studies, the Utah State School Board will provide us with guidelines designed to keep our students healthy and safe. Along with those protocols, we will also be implementing the following procedures to prevent infection:

  • Daily temperature checks for all students when they arrive at school
  • Increased sanitizing of frequently touched surfaces
  • Sending students home who are feeling unwell
  • Sanitizing the entire facility in the event a student or staff member tests positive for COVID 19
Protect: In order to keep our students healthy as they attend our campus, we will be implementing the following procedures to protect our students:

  • Deep cleaning of all bathrooms and eating areas daily
  • Providing all classrooms with hand sanitizer
  • Setting up hand sanitizing stations in hallways and common areas
  • Practicing social distancing when appropriate
  • Encouraging and educating students to abide by Health Department guidelines for masks and social distancing

    Connect: In the event a student or their parents are uncomfortable with attending classes on campus, a student or household falls ill or encounters quarantine, the Academy will be providing multiple options for students to continue their educational experience digitally, including:

    • Full online course offerings at the student’s own pace
    • Synchronized live class experience with live-streamed courses and dial-in communication
    • For more details, see Fall 2020 Education Programming

    Opportunity to Donate: Parents and students! We are in need of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, no-contact thermometers, and PPE (including gloves and masks). If you could donate any of these items to the school, we would be very appreciative.

    Also, if you would prefer to make a monetary donation for COVID-19 supplies, please contact Courtney Webb at

    Contact us for more information.