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As a tuition-free, public high school, St. George Academy is required to meet minimum course standards for high schools in Utah. Because our mission is to prepare our students for higher education, we view the Utah State Core Standards as minimum requirements as opposed to ideal requirements. St. George Academy determines the specifics of its curriculum to best serve its student population.

Things We do

During our first academic year, SGA faculty will create a meaningful experience for students. We will be an active learning environment and students will be encouraged to engage in their educational experience. Class discussion, Socratic dialogue, projects, and group activities are some of the methodologies that will employed in classrooms. Over time, course offering will expand to include Advanced Placement (AP) courses and upper-division electives based on student interest and faculty expertise.

Below is a simplified academic program for a typical student. Electives are not shown below. Each student will work with the academic counselor and other faculty to determine their own individualized, educational plan.


Path To Graduation

Our diploma requirements exceed the Utah State Office of Education high school graduation requirements and are based upon the expectations of the admissions boards for selective universities. The full details of these Core Standards can be viewed here:

Utah Core Standards

Course Subjects USOE Standard Requirements St. George Academy Requirements
English / Language Arts 4 Credits 4 Credits
Mathematics 3 Credits 4 Credits
Science 3 Credits 4 Credits
Social Sciences 3 Credits 4 Credits
Directed Course Work 3 Credits 4 Credits
Physical Ed. & Health 2 Credits 6 Credits
Electives / Fine Arts 5.5 Credits 2 Credits
Total 24 Credits 28 Credits

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