Hello Dragonslayers

Last week we had the chance to learn more about our future paths in the college fair that our school hosted. We had all kinds of different activities, from skincare to military service.

Students from 10th to 12th grade were required to attend activities in the time frame between 9:00 and 11:25. There were 5 25-minute classes, and people had to choose one of 3 given options for each period. 

I attended Skin Institute, Navy, Studying Abroad, and Air Force. All of them were entertaining. The representatives were clear and concise about their activities. They provided information and answered questions from students. 

Definitely, a great opportunity for those students who don’t know what to do yet to learn more about the options they have, and for those who know what they want to do to learn more about their future profession. 

Career choice is one of the most important decisions we have to make and it is great to have all those tools to do it.

That was all for today’s article.

See you next week!