Slaying Dragons Once Again

     A new dawn shines down upon our bright jewel of a school and a new flock of students rushes through its doors once again.

Three days back and a fire has already engulfed the halls of our chappel of learning and bright flames have sparked up every classroom. A piercing fire burning with a raging intensity, it’s the fire of excitement, excitement gleaming off our bright blazon armor.

There’s no way of knowing what’s to come of these next passing months, but it goes without saying that we’re all anxious to see and even more anxious to participate. It takes a lot of collective work to uncover a jewel and it takes even more to conquer the dragon guarding it.

In these coming months, participation will be of the utmost importance. We must all participate in slaying the dragon of the new year, only then can we claim our jewels and set them in the fretting of our armor.

It’s time to slay the dragon once again, so let’s set out our armies, let slip the dogs of war and conquer the new year.